Curry Dishes

The Limerick favourite, Hong Kong's curry, a recipe dating back to the 1950s to the first Chinese settlers in Ireland. You can't say you are from Limerick until you have eaten this.

15 House Special Curry

Our Limerick legend, Special Curry: Chicken, prawns, beef & mixed vegetables.


15A Duck Curry

Duck curry served with mushroom, peas and onions


16 Chicken Curry (Breast Diced)

A fan favourite for over 50 years. Served with peas, onions & mushrooms.


17 Chicken Curry (Breast on the Bone)

Crispy Breast on the bone. No vegetables.


18 King Prawn Curry


19 Shrimp Curry


20 Beef Curry


20A Pork Curry


21 Mix Vegetables Curry