Fried Rice

A variety of egg fried rice dishes. Fried rice without egg available on request. Currently we only stock white long grains. "Dai Ga Sik Fan!" - Cantonese for Lets Eat Rice (dinner)

06 King Prawn Fried Rice

Scrumptious Tiger prawns in egg fried rice with peas.


07 Shrimp Prawn Fried Rice

Little brother to the King Prawn, shrimp in egg fried rice with peas.


08 Singapore Fried Rice

Spicy egg fried rice with a dash of curry powder, spicy chilli oil and shrimp.


09 Chicken Fried Rice

Tender chicken slices in soy season and egg fried rice. A crowd favourite.


09T Thai-Style Fried Rice

Egg fried rice with tomatoe and cucumber in thai fish oil and soy seasoning.


10 Special Fried Rice

The Hong Kong staple, egg fried rice with beef, chicken, pork, a drizzle of gravy and an egg omlette on top. Gorgeous.