Delectable Starters for yourself or for sharing

House Special Appetisers (For 2)

A selection of our popular Spring Rolls, BBQ Ribs, Chicken Skewers and Crispy Wantons


Meat Sung (For 2)

Chinese 'yuk sung' is a popular fried mince pork dish eaten with crunchy rolled lettuce wraps


Prawn Sung (For 2)

Prawn and shrimp mince version of the Chinese 'yuk sung'


Crispy Aromatic Duck (Quarter)

Shredded duck from a crispy thigh drumstick, served with a garnish of 'HoiSin' sauce, crunchy cellery, cucumber and rolled in steamed chinese pancakes


Crispy Aromatic Duck (Half)

All of the above, with shredded half crispy duck, drumstick, and breast, served with extra veg. and pancakes


Special Rolls

Crunchy and savoury prawn paste bread rolls served with a dash of soy sauce


Crispy Spring Rolls

Classic crispy Chinese rolls with ham and beansprouts filling. Two rolls in a portion


Chicken Spring Rolls

Chicken breast and beansprouts make a succulent mouthful. Two rolls in a portion


Spicy Chicken Spring Rolls

Spicy rolls with curry and chilli powder for a firey taste, served with a Sweet Chilli Sauce dip


Vegetable Spring Rolls

Crispy roll with Carrots, vermicelli pasta and beansrpouts


Chicken & Cheese Rolls

Crispy roll with Chicken, carrots and cheese


Sesame Prawn Toast

Crispy bread with Prawn paste garnished with sesame seeds


Crispy Wanton

Crispy pastries with mince pork and prawn filling


BBQ Spare Ribs

Tasty barbecue ribs in BBQ sauce


BBQ Chicken Wings

Crispy fried chicken wings in BBQ sauce


Skewer Beef in Satay Sauce

Succulent beef on skewers in peanut satay sauce


Skewer Chicken in Satay Sauce

Succulent chicken on skewers in peanut satay sauce


Salt, pepper and chilli Chicken Wings

Crispy fried chicken wings wok fried in seasoning


Salt, pepper and chilli King Prawns

Crispy fried king prawns in a batter, wok fried in seasoning


King Prawn Cocktail

Succulent king prawns served on a bed of fresh tomato and cucumber salad with cocktail sauce